Controlling Bitwig with SonicPI via OSC

Nikolaus Gradwohl2017-05-02T07:03:05+02:00

I made another experiment with the latest development version of SonicPI. This time I explored the new osc functions and used them to controll Bitwig-Studio using the OSC4Bitwig controller script.

I sent the sonic pi output into an audio channel in bitwig using jack and added a bitwig stereo-delay to it.

controlling bitwig with sonic pi via osc

If you want to try it yourself here is the sonic pi code I used in this video - be aware that you need a development version of sonicpi from the github master branch to run this script - this is alpha stuff so expect things to change

client ||='localhost', 8000)
use_bpm 110
client.send("/tempo/raw", 110)
live_loop :flibble do
  with_synth :beep do
    play scale(:e3, :blues_minor).pick, release: 0.2
  sleep 1
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